Ecoboard Digital is a Sister company of Shereno Printers cc, a well known and established BBBEE Litho and Web Printing company based on the East Rand.

Ecoboard started off as Shereno Printers’ digital printing devision and was part and off the same company. In 2011 it was decided to register Ecoboard as a separate company as this devision became a important and key player in the digital printing field and specialising in only large format indoor and outdoor digital printing. With this important shift Ecoboard could concentrate and specialise in the industry and give its clients the dedicated attention and expertise needed.

Yet, being associated with Shereno Printers is still very important to us, not only for the reason that the two printing fields still goes hand in hand in suppling our customers a complete printing solution, but also because of the high reputation  Shereno Printers has built up over the years therefore ensuring our clients the same dedicated, loyal excellent customer service Shereno Printers has been known to have.

All this is part of our mission; Striving towards print excellence.





We apologies for are currently in the process of developing our website. We apologies for any inconvenience caused, but in the meantime you will find the basic info needed on our new company, the product and the services we can offer.

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