Ecoboard Engineering’s core business is large format indoor, outdoor digital and flatbed digital printing with a wide range of finishing options for different job specifications and products that can be made.

We have a full spectrum of thé latest and advanced machinery to produce the highest quality and proffesional products .


We have 2 Flatbed digital Printers

  1. Bullet a SwissQ Impala &

  2. Bullet a Mimaki JFX

For the more genreal wide format printing on material such as PVC, Vinyl, Canvas, Cloth, etc we have 3 Machines

  1. Bulleta 3,2m wide Mimaki JV5

  2. Bulleta 1,2m wide Roland Print with online Cutter

  3. Bulleta 1,6m wide Roland Print with online Cutter

We also have

  1. Bulleta Smaller flatbed Mimaki to do promotional                          items such as Pens, Golf Balls etc.


We have the following advanced and latest equipment to give our product that top quality professional finish:

  1. Bulleta Aristo Flatbed Digital Die Cutter

  2. Bulleta Burkle Liquid Varnisher

  3. BulletFlat Edge Automated Edging Machine

  4. BulletSide Edge Automated Edging Machine

  5. BulletEazi Applicator

  6. BulletLiquid Roller Varnisher

  7. BulletPVC Welding Equipment

  8. BulletStitcher

  9. BulletCustomized and Specialised tools

design &


We have in-house professional industrial and creative designers who works on all platforms of Computers including Mac and PC as well as all the latest design software available in the industry.






We apologies for are currently in the process of developing our website. We apologies for any inconvenience caused, but in the meantime you will find the basic info needed on our new company, the product and the services we can offer.

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